Flexo PrePress Specifications for Red Oak Label Print Solutions

General Guidelines:


  • All files should be built as single pages or documents and to the die size.

  • 1/16 inch bleed is required beyond the die size or trim. 1/8 is preferred.

  • Include all hi-res images/art. 300 dpi for CT’s or Photoshop files.

  • 300 dpi placed or linked files enlarged over 125% can become pixelated and will be considered low resolution.

  • Use CMYK unless spot colors are used. Convert any RGB files to CMYK.

  • Identify any PMS, special mix, or spot colors. Use Pantone Name. Do not use custom names, ie: “Sky Blue, Rustic Brown”.

  • When utilizing the transparency effects in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, keep all vector art on top or on a top layer whenever

  • possible. Set the “Document Raster Effects” to 300 PPI in Illustrator software before creating your art.

  • PDF documents should be created as “Print Quality”. All fonts must be embedded and 1/16 -1/8 inch bleed added to any PDF file generated.

  • (Imagine! Print Solutions PDF Job Profiles will be sent upon request)

  • Hard copy or confirming PDF MUST be supplied with all files to ensure correct reproduction.

  • Imagine! Print Solutions would prefer to render all traps and scum dot, file correction in CT’s.


Proofing Specification:

  • All proofs will be generated from the final file used for imaging or proceeding to plate.

  • All proofs will have a die-line incorporated into the proof.


Preferred File Formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator - 2020 or later

  • Photoshop - 2020 or later

  • Adobe Acrobat Press Quality PDFs


File Requirements:

  • Linked Images

    • Images should be supplied as hi-resolution files (300 dpi) using CMYK color mode.

    • Avoid embedding graphics and images used in your Illustrator or Indesign files.

  • Fonts

    • Include copies of all fonts used in your file, graphics, and images.

    • Include both the screen font and the printer font.

    • Include both the screen font and the printer font.

    • Type 1, Postscript, and TrueType fonts Unpredictable results may incur using a third party, TrueType, or Multimaster font.

    • Embed all the fonts when writing PDFS.

    • Convert all fonts to outlines in Illustrator to avoid any conflict.

  • Barcodes

    • UPC codes need to be sized at 80 magnification or above with a Bar Width Reduction of -.0025.

    • All barcodes need: -.0025”BWR with sufficient quiet zones to scan after printing.

  • Graphics

    • Minimum rule width is .25pt (1/4 Point)

    • A minimum Screen percentage is 1%

    • Keep font size 4 point or higher.


Additional Requirements:

  • Hard copy or confirming PDF MUST be supplied with all files to ensure correct reproduction.

  • Supply only files, fonts, graphics, images needed for output.

    • Include all support files.

    • All barcodes need: -.0025” BWR with sufficient quiet zones to scan after printing.


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