Consecutive Number & Barcode Labels 

Consecutive number labels are used in many different instances. Each label is different from the preceding label, often being numbered and/or barcoded. Sometimes referred to as Universal Product Codes, barcode labels have many more applications than just pricing and merchandise tracking in stores. They also can be used as serial numbers, product numbers and batch numbers. We provide consecutive number labels that help businesses with several tracking and logistical functions. Below are some of the most popular ways our customers use our consecutive number labels and how you might be able to use them!

Numbering For Your Products

A lot of times customers need to mark individual products or packages of products. Other customers need to note items as part of series or group. No matter how you need to mark and track your products, our consecutive number labels is a convenient and affordable way to do this! These numbers can be used in multiple ways. They can be used for you and your business’ benefit – for example, internal tracking or inventory. This is a great way for you and your business to keep tabs of everything moving through your supply chain without investing a lot of money or exerting a lot of effort.


Consecutive number labels can also be used to benefit your customers – for example, letting your customers know one of your products is part of a limited edition - with the individual numbering to prove it. This creates an exclusive and premium feel around that particular product.


If you are looking for static numbers and barcodes on your labels, we can do that too! Call our customer support team at 1(800)638-7465 and we will be happy to help you.

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Numbering For Passes And Permits

If your business is responsible for issuing passes or permits, consecutive number labels from Red Oak Label will be very convenient for you! Not only does it help the person receiving the pass or permit know that it is official and not forged, it also helps your business know how many passes or permits were handed out, and how many remain.

Consecutive Number & Barcode Labels in the Healthcare Industry

Our consecutively barcoded labels allow your staff to track laboratory specimens by simply scanning them with a bar code scanner. Our labels also feature an eye readable number and are available in roll form. Much like our traditional style consecutive numbers, our barcode labels will stand up to freezers and water baths and will stick to any shape or surface without flagging. Our recommended size for barcoded labels is 1/2" x 1 1/2". As always, we can also supply to specific size and requirements with no minimum order.

Why Use Red Oak Label for Sheeted Labels?

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