Double-Sided Labels at Red Oak Label, LLC

Double-Sided labels have print on both sides of the label–front AND back. This is very useful for a multitude of industries for many reasons, both for practical and aesthetic purposes. Double sided labels allow you to add depth and a unique twist on your glass bottle, plastic container, or other see-through materials. 


From a practical standpoint, double-sided labels simply save space. With food and beverage manufacturers, sometimes all of the information that’s required to be added to the label by law takes up most of the available space on the label. Printing on both sides can allow manufacturers to offer extra information to their customers, like recipes, nutritional information, coupons, promotions, etc.


When it comes to aesthetics, beverage manufacturers are certainly challenged to create elegant looking labels while conveying all of the necessary information. Having the information printed on the back of a label and seen through the bottle can create quite an appealing and interesting look that sets their product apart from the competition.

Most Common Uses for Double-Sided Labels

The possibilities of double-sided labels are almost endless, but these are some of the most commons uses:

  1. Food & Beverage packaging

  2. Textiles

  3. Health Products

  4. Cosmetic Products

  5. Gifts / Gift Wrapping

Material Used for Double-Sided Labels

There are a few different types of material you can consider to use for your double-sided labels. When you are choosing the material with your label provider, you should consider the following:

  • Will the label be exposed to weather elements?

  • Will the label be exposed to extreme heat or cold?

  • Will your label include a barcode?

  • What is your budget for your double-sided labels?

An experienced label provider, like Red Oak Label, will be able to guide you through the process of choosing materials when you can answer the questions above. Once you know all the factors, you will most likely choose from the following materials:

  • Paper - matte, gloss, semi-gloss

  • Poly film

  • BOPP film

  • Thermal Paper

  • Vinyl

Why Use Red Oak Label for Double-Sided Labels?

At Red Oak Label we have the expertise and capabilities available to deliver beautiful, high-quality double-sided labels that will work in the environment you need. Whether you need help with materials, understanding the process, or design help, Red Oak Label is here to help!