Foil Lids & Labels from Red Oak Label, LLC

Foil lids have many purposes and applications across many industries. Foil lids are ideal for packing containers such as yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream, water, juice, beverages, coffee, tea, food, noodles, cosmetics, seasoning, toothpaste, and more. Our foil lids provide hygienic protection and are fully recyclable as well. They combine functionality while providing additional space to bring the packaging aesthetic altogether.


When it comes to packaging, foil lids are an ideal solution for a variety of reasons. With food and beverage products, the aluminum material protects the container against dust and germs and protects food from deterioration as well as water vapor, oxygen transmission, light, and aroma. Foil lids are an excellent way to preserve freshness!


For this reason, Red Oak Label’s lids are a perfect fit for whatever your needs may be. We have many tooling shapes and sizes at the ready for any and all die-cut lid needs, and also have the ability to emboss lids should your application require it.


Rim embossing provides a clean design for your lid. The embossing is done only on the edge of the lid, making it more convenient for the user to remove, and providing a little more attention to your aesthetic or brand appeal. Logo embossing will highlight a certain area on the lid (your logo). This is great for attracting the attention of consumers!

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Why Use Red Oak Label for Sheeted Labels?

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