Benefits of Using Sheeted Labels for Your Business

Sometimes businesses are not aware of the benefits of sheeted labels compared to roll-form labels. Sheeted labels have their own benefits and uses that can make them a better choice for certain people or businesses.

Sheeted labels work great for promotional events and/or on-the-go labeling. Below are 4 main benefits a business will experience when using sheeted labels:

  • Promotional Labels: sheets make it very easy to split up labels amongst a team at a tradeshow, convention, or other promotional events. Since labels are not all continuous on one roll, it is very easy to hand out and split up specific labels.

  • Blank laser sheets or inkjet laser sheets are great for printing exactly what your business needs - for example, addresses, dates, barcodes, or variable information.

  • Sheeted labels can be bound into your brand publications for customers or into your internal materials.

  • You or your employees can take the exact number of labels they need, rather than estimating or counting labels from a roll and cutting them off.

Why Use Red Oak Label for Sheeted Labels?

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