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If you’re just starting out, professional labeling can take your business to the next level. For established businesses, a professional appearance is a must for your products. Keep reading to learn about the unique benefits that getting custom labels for businesses can provide.

The Importance of Choosing Custom Printed Labels

When you order custom printed labels, you can expect high-quality work that meets your standards. Do-it-yourself labels often turn out inconsistent, and you will end up wasting materials trying to correct mistakes. If you’re considering professional vs. DIY labels, you want to choose the labeling that will make your products look their best instead of the cheapest option.

The benefits of custom labels include the following:

1. They Establish and Elevate Your Brand

It’s easier to promote your brand when you start out with professional labeling. Customers can usually tell when your labels are homemade. Even if you’re a talented artist, you probably don’t have access to the expensive equipment needed to create bulk quantities of commercial-grade labels. Rather than buying this equipment to produce functional labels, you can get quality labels through a partner and start elevating your brand without the added investment.

Your customers will remember professionally colored and designed labeling. Even if they forget your brand name as they go through their busy days, they will recognize the product container when they see it again. You want your products to have a consistent appearance so customers will know they’re buying a genuine product.

Labels you design yourself can have any number of errors. With enough inconsistency in your labeling, customers could start to wonder if they’re ordering the same products that they enjoyed before. This is why it’s important to get labeling through a reliable manufacturing partner who can print and re-print your order and get it to you quickly.

2. Your Product Will Stand Out

Professional, high-quality labels make your products stand out from the rest. This is especially important if you sell your products in stores. Your products need to compete well against similar items customers see on nearby shelves. With a quality label, your product will get noticed.

You can even print labels with built-in marketing to make your products even more appealing to customers. Labels that designate a product as “new” or highlight a special feature will draw more interest, especially if you are selling in physical stores. You want to be able to stay ahead of your competition, and labeling is one way to do that well.

3. You Can Relay Important Information

With custom printed labels, you can ensure all important product information is present. If you sell food products, laws require labels with an accurate description of the ingredients and other information. You might also have to provide a warning label for certain products.

Information commonly included on a label include:

  • Allergens: Information about common allergy triggers such as soy, nuts and dairy informs customers who are unable to eat these items to avoid the product.
  • Warnings: Some of your products might pose a hazard, especially if used incorrectly. Letting shoppers know about a product’s potential hazard reduces the risk of unhappy customers or potential lawsuits.
  • Instructions: Cooking directions or basic use instructions are a good addition to the product’s labeling.

4. They Enhance Product Quality

When you work with a high-quality label company, you know you are getting high-quality, reliable labels. If you want product packaging with a professional appearance, ordering custom labels can help you achieve this goal. Professionally designed custom labels are more attractive to customers, and shoppers can tell when a label looks professional or forgettable.

The more value your shoppers associate with your product, the more likely they are to consider a purchase or pay higher prices than they would with lackluster or unprofessional labeling.

Professionally designed custom labels are attractive to customers

5. You Get Access to A Variety of Label Types

You can browse options for label types and find the best type for your products. Most labels are universal and can be used for products in just about any industry, but you can test different labels before making a bulk order.

Common customization options include:

  • Color choices that reflect your brand.
  • Adding your logo.
  • Custom artwork or text.
  • Different finishes for a matte or glossed look.
  • Specific adhesive or material types.

Some popular choices for labeling include:

  • Pressure sensitiveThis type of label has several layers and can be cut in many ways.
  • Roll-form: These labels come in a roll for easy application.
  • Sheet: This type of labeling can arrive blank or with a pre-printed design.
  • Foil lidsIf you need the label to protect your products from deterioration, this type provides insulation.
  • Thermal transfer: These labels use a thermal printer and have a special thermal transfer process.
  • Direct thermalThese labels are pressure-sensitive and react to heat.
  • Numbered or barcoded: For products that need to be arranged in a store’s stock, you can get labels that include the barcode.
  • Laser sheet: These labels are designed for use with a laser printer, essential for some label designs.

6. They Are Easy to Get

It’s easy to have custom text and images printed on your labels to make them look exactly like you imagined. Leaving the creation process to the professionals lessens the amount of work you have to do to produce good labeling, such as prototyping, label testing, transferring designs and manufacturing each label with the right materials. You still have control over how the labels look and the information they display, but you can also create the quality labels your products deserve without investing too much time or resources.

You can make custom labels look exactly how you want without the trial and error of creating your own. Professional manufacturers can help with the design process and take care of the rest, so you have custom, ready-to-use labels shipped right to your door.

7. You Can Fit Them to the Product

Custom labels are created using different methods depending on the product container’s shape and other specific criteria. Since you choose the dimensions, a custom label will fit your products regardless of the container.

You can also add special features to your labeling, like placing labels on the inside of the container to list additional information or directions for your products.

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