Those specializing in craft beer label design and printing understand a label’s importance in establishing market share. A quality, eye-catching label that stands out on crowded shelves can give you an edge over the competition and make your brand a favorite among craft beer lovers. Designs that lure customers in and convey the spirit of your brewery are fundamental to your success.

An excellent first impression can determine how people categorize your brand and, more importantly, how they feel about your product. Thoughtful, intentional craft beer label designs can demonstrate your drink’s appeal and help you gain more attention. Your label should be unique and showcase your brand professionally and cohesively.

Get inspired by these upcoming craft beer label trends to take your brand to the next level.


An eye-catching, expressive beer label is essential for winning a consumer’s attention, but that’s not to say you should choose an over-the-top design. You may want a label that distinguishes itself from the busy colors and confusing designs of other brands.

Minimalism has been a trend for some time, and with good reason. Cohesive, to-the-point packaging can make a significant impact on customers. They’ll get a feel for your brew as it stands above the more mishmash designs on the shelves. Brewdog is an excellent example of a brand that utilizes minimalist design labels, and today, they’re one of the most recognizable craft beers on the shelves.

Other examples of brands that have embraced minimalist craft beer label designs include:

Minimal craft beer label designs are a fresh alternative to ornate labels of the past, making them a surprising and welcome addition to the shelf.


Throwback beer label designs are always a crowd favorite, which is why we’re anticipating they’re here to stay as one of the many craft beer trends of 2023. When designing your retro label, the trick is to find a way to stand out from the crowd among a sea of retro typefaces and old-school cartoons.

Examples of retro craft beer labels include:

You can bring a new perspective on the retro style with unique elements that capture your target audience’s attention.


You work incredibly hard to add layers of depth to your brews, so it only makes sense to reflect that in your label designs. Many brands are beginning to feel this way, which is why faux 3D designs are quickly becoming one of the craft beer label trends you might gain inspiration from. With their bold, popping designs, you’re sure to reflect the fun of your brewery and stand out among the competition with a 3D design.

Examples of 3D beer labels include:

To get the 3D effect on your labels, you might utilize clever designs to reproduce the same visuals as the above brands. Whether you mix light, gradients and shadow to give the illusion of depth or add textural qualities, your optical illusion labels are sure to stand out on the shelves.


While just two decades old, the Y2K era appears to be resurfacing in popular culture, and the craft beer industry is no exception. As those who grew up in the early 2000s are coming of age, you’re sure to see an increasing number of labels inspired by the iconic, metallic designs of the time.

From the rainbow mist designs found on Equilibrium’s Fluctuation Double IPA to the pink rhinestones on Pontoon Brewing and WeldWerk Brewing’s Crazy Zombie collab, many brands are responding to this trend. The designs are both nostalgic and futuristic, with a kitschy feel that’s hard to miss on the shelves.

Personalized Lettering

While some breweries showcase their brand through illustrations, many focus on typography instead. Unique, personalized lettering can demonstrate what your brew is all about while allowing you to design around it.


Brands that have embraced the using personalized lettering on their craft beer labels include:


Geometric patterns and designs are fast-growing craft beer label trends. These designs combine symmetry and minimalism to take a more professional, concise approach to the hipster aesthetic. With their straight lines and sharp angles, geometric beer label designs pleasingly draw the eye.

The following breweries are utilizing geometric designs to showcase their artfulness and uniqueness:

  • Evil Twin Brewing
  • Penrose Brewing
  • Fort Point Beer Co.

Each of these brands enhances its clean geometric designs with minimal shapes and whimsical characters.


Many breweries aim toward simple, sophisticated beer label designs that demand respect. Inspired by the elegance of wine bottle designs, these brews are best served in finer glasses, with tasting notes and elevated prices. Elegant beer labels are subtle but utilize intentional color choices to express the quality of their brews.

Examples include:

  • Fair Isle Brewing
  • Goose Island Belgians
  • Mateo & Bernabé and friends
  • Maine Beer Co

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Red Oak Label will help you make the most of your branding, distribution and marketing goals. Our options encourage creativity and flexibility to design a label that wins over customers. Custom beer label printing can bring your brew and your brand to life.

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