Keg Collar ExampleKeg collars, also known as keg wraps or keg bands, are labels that are used to identify and label kegs of beer. Keg collars are typically made of paper or plastic and are placed around the neck of the keg. They are used to provide information about the contents of the keg, including the name of the brewery, the type of beer, and any other relevant information.

Keg collars are an important part of the beer industry, as they allow breweries to easily identify and track the kegs of beer they produce and distribute. They also help to promote the brewery and its products, as they often include branding and marketing information.

In addition to providing information about the beer, keg collars may also include important safety and regulatory information, such as the alcohol content of the beer and any relevant warning labels. Keg collars are typically printed with waterproof and durable inks to ensure that they can withstand the handling and storage conditions of the keg.

Keg collars are an essential part of the keg labeling process, as they allow breweries to easily identify and track their products and ensure that they are properly labeled and marketed.

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